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The Three Cousins work with many suppliers to give our customers the options and choices that fit their needs.  Loop Loc, Merlin, Lacuna, and Meyco are just some of the brands we work with for safety covers.  Interested in learning more?  Contact us today for a free estimate!
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    What is a Safety Cover

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    What is a Safety Cover

    Safety covers are woven mesh, or solid vinyl, that secures to your pool deck with straps to anchors. The straps are approximately five feet apart around the entire perimeter of your pool. The anchors are permanently installed into the surface around the pool and the straps from the cover hook to the anchors. 

    Safety covers prevent accidental drownings and also provide extra protection for kids, pets, and neighbors. Additionally, safety covers prevent debris, dirt, and leaves from entering the pool. They also help prevent algae from growing in your pool once the temperature rises again in the spring. They also improve the appearance of your pool area during the offseason.

    Water bag covers on the other hand are extremely dangerous, especially for families with children and pets.  It is recommended that you have a fence around your pool if you use a water bag cover.  The cover itself is a tarp and it is secured with water bags, but this can get expensive because you replace both the tarp cover and water bags often.  The cover will rip just from the weight of water on top and the water bags pop, sometimes for no reason at all.

    If the water bags break, or fall in the pool, you risk the cover falling in.  This is bad because most covers have leaves and dirt and other debris that you don’t want at the bottom of your pool.  If something heavy or sharp falls into a pool with a tarp cover, the liner could get damaged.  Replacement liners aren’t cheap and no one wants to replace a liner until you absolutely have to.

    Why a Safety Cover

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    Why a Safety Cover

    A safety cover is the smart alternative to a water bag cover.  Not only does it protect your pool and liner, but it protects your family.  A safety cover is always going to be more expensive than a water bag cover, but the good news is that it will last much longer.  Safety covers typically come with prorated warranties from 10-20 years depending on the manufacturer. 
    1. Access control. A safety cover prevents children and pets from getting into the pool.
    2. Protection of the pool. Having a safety cover in place keeps dirt and leaves out, which protects the pool from potential damage and makes opening the pool go smoothly.
    3. Neat appearance. Safety covers look neat and finished when secured in place. Water bag covers look dirty and messy after a few rains.
    4. Excellent fit. A safety cover is custom made to fit features like raised walls, spas, or waterfalls.
    5. Durability. A safety cover is strong and durable, and will last much longer than a tarp and water bags
    6. Cost-effectiveness. While the initial cost may be more than a water bag cover, it is a priceless investment to protect your pool and family.

    Safety Cover Process

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    Pool Openings

    A hammer drill is typically used to install the anchors, which can be raised or lowered.  The safety cover itself has straps and springs are connected to each strap.  The cover is pulled over the pool and then the springs and straps are adjusted so the cover sits right and tight.  Sometimes the springs need to be adjusted the second winter you use the safety cover, but don’t worry, that is all part of our normal pool closing service.

    After evaluating the free estimate provided by The Three Cousins you have decided to put down a deposit and move forward with a safety cover.  Excellent decision!  The cover will be custom made for your pool, so it can take a few weeks to make. 

    The sooner you order, the better.  A trained professional will come to your house and measure the pool. 

    They will also determine if the surrounding area is cement, pavers, grass, etc to determine the installation hardware needed. The small brass anchors are used for cement while pipe anchors are used for pavers. 

    We also have other hardware for gardens, rock walls, steps, and whatever custom elements your pool may have.  

    more about loop loc

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    A little more...

    • Mesh construction lets rain and melting snow drain right through.
    • LOOP-LOC is so durable, it’s backed by a 15-year pro-rated warranty and so safe, it may reduce your liability insurance.
    • LOOP-LOC is so lightweight, putting it on and taking it off your pool is a snap.
    • LOOP-LOC blends beautifully into any backyard, with your choice of standard Spring Green or four optional Designer Colors.
    • LOOP-LOC’s patented CABLE-LOC™, GAPGUARD® and PROTECT-A-GAP™ Child Safety Intrusion Barriers close the gap created when a pool includes raised obstructions located at the cover’s edge.
    • The polyester bonded thread used in LOOP-LOC covers costs almost 10 times more than that used by some of our competitors.
    • Double perimeter webbing and double-thick straps give our covers an incredibly high break strength.
    • We use extremely high-strength, non-corrosive type 302 grade stainless steel springs for superior weight-bearing capacity.
    • Unique brass anchors recess flush with the deck when the cover is removed.
    • We sew the webbing to the cover using contrasting white thread, instead of black, to ensure that not a single stitch is missed.
    • We use 87% black yarn in our fabric for superior UV stability.
    • Chafe strips are manufactured with exclusively virgin material – not “regrind,” which tends to stain decking.
    • Non-corrosive aluminum tips are double-notched for stability.
    • The large X-tacking on LOOP-LOC straps is sewn manually for precise placement and maximum strength.