We are thrilled to announce that The Three Cousins Pool Service has recently been acquired by Big Becks Pools & Pavers.

This exciting partnership brings together two reputable companies with a shared commitment to delivering outstanding pool services and paving solutions to our valued customers.

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    What to Expect from the Combined Expertise

    As we unite the strengths of both companies, you can expect even better service and a broader range of options for your pool and outdoor living space needs. Our combined team of skilled professionals will ensure that your pool remains in pristine condition, while also offering stunning paver designs to complement your backyard oasis.

    With decades of experience, we provide high quality pool maintenance, power washing, and a variety of other outdoor services.  We are also one of Long Island's leading experts in salt water pools.  Our swimming pool blog is here to help you troubleshoot simple problems, DIY pool maintenance, answer FAQs, and more!

    The Importance of Winterizing Your Swimming Pool: Ensuring Long-Term Health and Performance
    by James on August 21, 2023

    In essence, the importance of winterizing your swimming pool cannot be overstated. From protecting against freezing temperatures and preventing algae growth to prolonging the lifespan of pool components and facilitating an effortless spring reopening, the benefits are far-reaching....

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    Enhancing Pool Safety: Installing Pool Alarms and Safety Equipment in Massapequa
    by James on August 7, 2023

    In this blog, we will explore the importance of enhancing pool safety and discuss the benefits of installing pool alarms and other safety equipment in your Massapequa pool area....

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    The Benefits of Professional Pool Cleaning Services for Massapequa Residents
    by James on July 31, 2023

    In this blog, we will explore the advantages of entrusting your pool maintenance to professionals and how they can enhance your pool ownership experience....

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    Creating a Poolside Oasis: Design Ideas for Your Massapequa Backyard
    by James on July 24, 2023

    In this blog, we will explore design ideas to help you create a poolside oasis in your Massapequa backyard, where you can unwind, entertain, and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space....

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    Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Your Pool: Tips for Massapequa Pool Owners
    by James on July 17, 2023

    In this blog, we will explore valuable tips for Massapequa pool owners to enhance energy efficiency and create a more sustainable pool environment....

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    The Importance of Regular Pool Inspections: Ensuring a Safe and Well-Maintained Pool
    by James on July 13, 2023

    The Importance of Regular Pool Inspections: Ensuring a Safe and Well-Maintained Poola blog by JamesIntroduction Owning a pool comes with a great deal of responsibility, including the need for regular inspections and maintenance. Pool inspections play a vital role in ensuring the safety, functionality, and longevity of your pool. By identifying and addressing potential issues early on, you can prevent...

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    Transforming Your Massapequa Backyard: Pool Renovation Ideas
    by James on July 3, 2023

    Transforming Your Massapequa Backyard: Pool Renovation Ideasa blog by JamesIntroduction: Your backyard is a personal oasis, and having a pool in Massapequa, NY, offers a refreshing escape during the hot summer months. If you’re looking to revitalize your outdoor space and enhance your pool area, consider pool renovation. With a pool renovation, you can transform your Massapequa backyard into a...

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    The Value of Working with a Pool Service Company that Provides Masonry Services
    by James on June 26, 2023

    The Value of Working with a Pool Service Company that Provides Masonry Servicesa blog by JamesIntroduction: When it comes to maintaining and enhancing your pool area, finding a reliable and comprehensive service provider is essential. Imagine having access to a single company that not only takes care of your pool maintenance but also offers professional masonry services. By choosing a...

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    Top Pool Maintenance Tips for Massapequa Pool Owners
    by James on June 19, 2023

    Top Pool Maintenance Tips for Massapequa Pool Ownersa blog by JamesIntroduction: Owning a pool in Massapequa, NY, provides endless opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and enjoyment during the summer months. However, proper pool maintenance is crucial to ensure a clean, safe, and inviting swimming environment. In this blog post, we will share some valuable pool maintenance tips specifically tailored for Massapequa...

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    Pool Closing Long Island, NY
    by James on March 10, 2022

    Pool Closing Long Island, NYa blog by JamesREADY TO CLOSE YOUR POOL? Like most New Yorkers on Long Island, we are sure you don’t want to close your pool. It would be nice if summer stayed forever and it never got cold. But that’s not what happens, and if you don’t properly winterize your pool, it can create expensive problems...

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    The Three Cousins pool service is joining with Big Becks Pools and Pavers to provide an unparalleled pool service experience!  Call 516-490-5797 to schedule!
    Brighter days are on the horizon!  Our schedule is rapidly filling. Don’t hesitate to book your #poolopening and #poolservice for the 2022 #poolseason Call or text 516-543-1297
    This could be you…but the cover is still on the pool. Schedule your #poolopening with the #poolpros of #longisland. Call or text 516-543-1297 today!
    Who else is tired of looking at their pool cover in the backyard?  The Three Cousins are officially opening pools and taking appointments. Send a text to the office to get the ball rolling 516-543-1297. Please schedule early to get the opening date you prefer!
    Is your pool in need of a #newliner ? Contact the three cousins today for a free estimate!
    If the bricks come loose from your safety cover, most likely it was installed incorrectly with the wrong hardware. Don’t worry, The Three Cousins can fix things the right way so your pavers and cover don’t come loose.
    Does your safety cover sag into the pool after it snows?  That’s perfectly normal with all of the weight from snow and ice. The most important thing is that nothing is getting under the cover and into the pool!  PS - if the cover is very loose when there is no slow, and we will tighten the cover when we close the pool at no additional cost!
    We installed a brand new #lacunapoolcovers 2 years ago, and it still looks brand new. Contact us today for a free estimate on a new #safetycover for your #swimmingpool #poolmaintenance #nassuacounty #suffolkcounty #longisland
    #poolclosing #safetycover #looploc #nassaucounty #suffolkcounty #longisland #poolmaintenance #poolservice
    Tarp covers #safetycover we can do it all, and make it look good. #poolwinterization #poolclosing
    Another pool closed, another happy customer 516-543-1297 schedule is filling up fast #merrick #merrickny #nassaucounty #poolcleaning #poolmaintenance #longisland
    Pool closing, America style! Schedule yours today. Call or text 516-543-1297. #longislandny #suffolkcounty #nassaucounty #seaford #poolmaintenance #poolservice #pool
    A cracked skimmer can cost thousands to replace. Leave it to the #poolservice experts to winterize the pool. 516-543-1297 #longisland #nassaucounty #merrick #localbusiness #familyownedbusiness
    Another successful #poolclosing and another #happycustomer 516-543-1297 it’s not too late to schedule with a reliable #poolmaintenance company #longisland #nassaucounty #merrick #southshore
    When it comes to winterizing your pool, it’s important to make sure the air is blown out of the lines. Leave it to the professionals if you have any doubts. 516-543-1297 #poolmaintenance #poolservice #longislandlocal #nassaucounty #suffolkcounty #poolside
    When you close a pool the right way, it opens up cleaner and you’re able to have it cleaned and be swimming much faster!  Let us handle the dirty work so you can focus on enjoying your pool! 516-654-7665
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